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Bonswa en nombre de Papa Bondye, Anaisa Pye, y los misterios de las 21 division:
Number 1 none of this has to do with Santeria. This is purely vodoun. Ok I think I see the problem here and there is a big one. One, I think that these people are either hatian or confusing Anaisa Pye with Metres Ezurlie Freda (the hatian Anaisa if you will), whose husband is Ogun represented by San Santiago. In Dominican Vodou ANAISA PYE (a spirit who has camino with Freda) is partnered with Belie Belcan who is represented by San Miguel the archangel, not San Santiago. Her spiritual sister Metrezili Baledndjo is partnered with Ogun Balendjo represented by San Santiago.

Also as children of Anaisa we may all feel like her reincarnate, as sometimes so do I (ie, my phrase “to walk with Anaisa is to walk LIKE Anaisa) lol. It is simply because she walks VERY VERY close to us, basically living vicarioulsy through us. People whom have Anaisa and serve her well are very psychic and it is possible that they have dreams that come true.

When it comes to this ceremony that they are going to do for her, it sounds very wierd and out of the ordinary. In the 21 divisions and hatiain vodoun people are allowed to work differently but with limitations. You should ask your cousin one, what is the purpose of these ceremonies and two, what are they called religiously (as we have a name for everything). On dominicanvudu.com the initiation processes are basically explained to the public, as much as possible and I have yet to hear of one that follows those requirements.

When it comes to initiation or guidance, bad intentions with a bad ceremony and good intentions with a bad ceremony are two evils of the same coin. For example, if they have bad intentions and are envious of her they can deffinetly damage her head and take away all her wants and power to work with the misterios PERIOD (i’ve seen it happen). On the same note, if they have good intentions but still give her a bad ceremony, it has the same damage. A ceremony that is not completed correctly gives way for alot of bad spirits and influences to enter a persons head. Even though there are alot of ways to work the misterios, there is only ONE WAY TO WORK THE MISTERIOS. I’m guessing that where you are, there are very few people who have the knowledge that is required to work the misterios properly and it is very dangerous to put your cabeza and spiritual life into the hands of another person.

Now when it comes to a clear camino with the misterios, you just need to find the person who works the misterios para el bien. Who has clean hands and works with RADA lwas. It is better to start off working with you’re ancestors to help you into the 21 divisions. Helping you find that right person. You’re ancestors are basically the only spiritual guides who you can be sure will have you’re best intrest in mind and will help you find that good person. It is also imperative that you learn about the misterios correctly and that you keep that outlook of wanting a beautiful and clean relationship with the spiritual world. Que BonDye te bendiga, y que Damballah Wedo te ayude a encontrar tu entrada al VUDU unico y verdadero.

Sincerly, Ti’ Gason Marcos Se’Dife
of MySanteria Community.

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