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May Yemaya protect and heal you with
the waters of the ocean of life.

May you never thirst in body or spirit
under her protection.

May the Mother of All Orishas accept
you to her bosom.

May waves of her healing energy
wash over you.

May the dolphin give you strength
and a playful spirit.

May the starfish remind you of
your own divinity and the five-
pointed star crown she wears.

May the crane carry you on it’s wings
to lift your spirit and show all thing
are possible.

May the peacock remind you of the
beauty in the world and in yourself.

May her love and compassion increase
these in you, making you kind to yourself
as well as to others.

May the ocean, origin of life, sustainer
of life, make you strong and long-lived.

May the waves, ever shifting, remind
you we are beings of change and
that, like the water, we are flexible,
not hard and set like the rocks of the land.

Written by:
Raven Knight Magick

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