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Ana Isa Pie Danto

She is a lwa that belongs to the Rada division. Anaisa is a beautiful mulatto woman, with pale skin and long straight hair. People possed by Anaisa will often apply make apply makeup and put on an outfit that is the peristyle especially for Anaisa’s appereances. His partner in crime is Belie Belcan but in his petro point she favors Baron especially persuading him when a person needs to borrow a dead from the cementary, or when paying a debt to Baron.

Anaisa loves men, when she arrives she will flirt with the men, kising and caressing them and basking in their attention. She is not so afficionate with others females; at best she will respond to them with a nod and wave on her hand. Women who wish to work with Anaisa must treat her like a maid treats a beloved mistress. She will generally respond to devotion like a well-bread woman will respond to a caring servant: with gratitude and gifts. Sometimes, she starts crying when a man does not respond to her, but she just will look for other and throws a big laugh to him. Her favorite colors are white and yellow.

In her feast, she particularly rewards those who are handsome, or dance well, or whose personality pleases her.
Serving Anaisa Pye

She regularly comes down and talk with their servant, giving them aid and assistance. If you can spend a few minutes everyday meditating besides her shrine. Talk with her- and be sure to tell her how beautiful she is and how much you love her. When working with her, flattery will get you everywhere. While you’re talking to her, you can also say things like, “ I’m having a problem with X”. What do you think I should do, Anaisa? Or I wish I had more money to buy you a nice cristal cup of beer”. Don’t try yo order her to do things; instead trust in her generosity and her kindness to her devotees.Those who are beloved of Anaisa are frequently blessed with uncanny luck. They are the sort of people who move to a new city and a few days later find a perfect apartment in the best neighborhood for far less than the going rate. They meet some casual stranger in a nightclub, only to receive a lucrative job offer from him-her and so on…

Anaisa is always consulted in matters of love. She is always ask to intervene on behalf of love-struck or heartbroken devotees. I generally do not recommed casting love spells against a specific target for practical reasons. I ‘ve found the love spells are 100 percent effective- on the person casting them. If you think you were hung up on your target before you started casting, just wait untill you burn a few candles or petition to the lwa. I have also found that love spells are only good at getting the person you desire as she or he is- not the person you might imagine. An unfaithfull partner will reamin unfaithfull even if a love spell works; an abusive partner will remain abusive.

In the 21 Division, Metresili is also consulted for love matters, but you have to be aware that she is a hopeless romantic. She will often bring you a lover who is beautiful and charming but who is not very good at practical affairs. Brilliant but impoverished poets, lovely but free spending models… those are some of the results you can expect from love spells done with Metresili’s help. If you are looking for a more stable, practical partner,you may want to ask another spirit for help.

On her day July 26th, get her a big bottle of Presidente “Dominican beer” served it in a nice cup and put two cups in front of her while talking to her. Then take one of the cups and take a bath with it saying thank you to her and the 21 Division. After that ask your petition by saying the preyer at the end of this passage. For those who are servants a palo fest is the best you can get as an offer. However, you can make her a service by putting caranbachel oil along with Piedra de Marmaja and 6 burn lights o cerillos para aceite. Swipe your yellow paňuelo if you’re man, put your yellow paňuelo in yor head and Belie’s paňuelo in your right hand if you are woman. At the end thanks the mercy of papa bondye and his misericordia. As always i’m telling here what ut can be said about the services to others, there are some other things are held in reseved.

Oracion, simple que la puede hacer cualquier persona, las de servidores son un poco mas complejas
Amabilisima AnaIsa Pie; Reina del cielo, y abuela
del verbo; Mi seňora Anaisa Pie, con humilde reverencia me
postro a tus pies y te suplico ­__(peticion) _________, que si
el favor que te pido a de ser para gloria de tu Santisimo nieto,
me lo alcances de tu divina piedad, y si no, endereza mi ruego
a los otros luases que conoces que es su mayor agrado, gloria,
y provecho de mi alma.

Gracias a la misericordia!

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