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consecration of Ori object (ibo Ori) definitely exists in West African Orisa Tradition. Ori is among if not the most important Orisa, and it is quite normal for folks to recieve Ori in our tradition.

Ori is in fact known in Lukumi tradition, much more so nowadays with the exposure to so much literature of the Candomble and West African Orisa traditions. There is much more variation in how Ori shrine object is consecrated and what the sacred objects consist of in Lukumi. To date I have noted about 8 completely different ways in which Ori is consecrated and recieved in the Afro-Cuban expression of Orisa.

In the past and even up till now, many in the Lukumi tradition pray to Obatala when doing a head rogation, as opposed to directly praying to the Ori of the person and reciting the oriki of Ori during the Ori bibo. But there is increasing awareness, and hence evolution in practice.

Recieving “igba Ori” is a basic first initiatory process in the Candomble system. The object one recieves is not the same as that of the West African Ori objects, but there are some common elements, especially in the items used for sacrificing to one’s Ori.

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