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Santa Elena

La Gunguna is a Metresa in the Petro division. The Saint use to represent her is Santa Elena de Jerusalem.

During possession, she is very aggressive, as you stated she is a tough cookie. A close associate of mine told me of an occasion in the Bronx, where a certain individual was acting disrespectful/perpetrating La Gunguna. I was told that La Gunguna arrived in possession; she broke a glass bottle over the head of the individual who disrespected/perpetrated her. She told him “Now you’re me”. Then she left, Candelo mounted and help the individual who was bleeding heavily from the head, using coffee grinds and salt. This was just one little example explaining how tough and strict La Gunguna is.

La Gunguna is the spiritual sister of Anaisa Pye. We place a red or pink candle for her on the alter. When invoking La Guguna to dominate a mans thought, heart, penis towards an individual, we can use little nails to big train track nails for this wanga, every item is used by three for La Gunguna. Like every other Petro La Gunguna is attracted to blood, Gunguna does not arrived in possession frequently.

La Gunguna feast day is September 14 for us Dominican practitioners. However for the Catholic Church Santa Elena feast days are May 21 st, September 14 and in Mexico May 3 rd.

I would like to clear up one misconception La Gunguna is not Lubana. Some individuals assume that the name Gunguna in Spanish refers/ means/ comes from swamps where snakes dwell. I personally know one individual whose godmother calls/invokes La Gunguna as if she was Lubana ( snakes ).

Gracias a la miserdicordia y a las 21 divisines
By PapaBoko, Carlos Miguel of DominicanVudu.com

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